The OEGroup comprises of five companies: Overseas Emporium Pte Ltd, Overseas Movie Pte Ltd, Overseas Movie Distributions Pte Ltd, Overseas Emporium Investment Pte Ltd, and SmartMediaSoft Pte Ltd. The late Mr. Lim Dijt Sun was the founder of OE Group. Overseas Emporium Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1970. It was the largest Chinese Emporium in Singapore at that time. The Overseas Emporium was one of the favorite shopping places for tourists. Today, the emporium is still a favorite shopping spot for many Singaporean and tourists.

Overseas Movie Pte Ltd and Overseas Movie Distributions Pte Ltd were incorporated in 1974 and 1976 respectively. Progressively 7 cinemas were built at different parts of Singapore. Overseas Movie Pte Ltd was one of the largest movie companies in Singapore. Overseas Movie Distributions Pte Ltd brought in movies from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, United States, India and many other countries for screening in Singapore and redistributed to the South East Asia countries.

Overseas Emporium Investment Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1980. The company had invested in various movie productions, food manufacturing, and various entertainment projects. The company will continue to invest in emerging markets through direct investment and partnership.

SmartMediaSoft was incorporated in 2013 which specializes in innovation and development of digital media content, smart software and technology for digital media.